Recipe Perfect Mango Ice Cream with only 3 ingredients

Perfect Mango Ice Cream with only 3 ingredients


Welcome to Ravinder's Home Cooking. Today we are making rich and creamy 'Mango Ice Cream'. We have used just 3 ingredients to make it. This ice cream is full of flavors and richness in taste. I have used champagne mangoes, as these were easily available near to me. Also, this variety of mangoes has less fiber but more creamy pulp, which has helped to get creamy mango ice cream.

For sweetness in mango ice cream, I am using very less condensed milk as mangoes were already very sweet, and also condensed milk helps to improve the ice cream texture and taste.

Substitute for condensed milk would be powder sugar (to taste) and 1/2 cup of milk powder. But I would still suggest you use condensed milk in this recipe. As I have noticed a huge improvement in the look of mango ice cream with it.

Store the ice cream in a plastic container with plastic wrap for 6-8 hours. I kept it overnight and scooped out the ice cream the next day. You can use the mango ice cream in various mango drink recipes.

Ingredients for Mango Ice cream:

  • Cold Heavy Cream - 2 cups (500ml)
  • Food color - optional
  • Mangoes - 3 (Purred)
  • Condensed Milk - 1/2 cup (100ml)

Plastic container and plastic wrap for ice cream storage

Enjoy your meal!

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