Baked potatoes with green asparagus, tomatoes and feta

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Friends, these Baked potatoes with green asparagus, tomatoes and feta are an absolute A tin miracle! 😍

The whole thing you have to imagine: potatoes crunch in the oven with green asparagus, colorful tomatoes, garlic and spices on a baking sheet to crispy perfection. And because cheese tastes absolutely better, the vegetables are baked with crunchy, golden brown feta cheese. A little salt and pepper, done.

So you just load all the ingredients on a baking tray and let your oven do the rest. This recipe has definitely come to make your everyday life easier. Let's do it!

Do you know what I love most about oven recipes? They are simply ALWAYS unbeatably delicious. I mean, from the point of view, the ingredients for the baked potato with spring vegetables have not failed. We need:

  • Potatoes. Best festkochende or predominantly festkochende. You can peel the potatoes or wash them well and then put them in the oven with a bowl. Also very tasty are small triplets.
  • Green asparagus. If there is a spring vegetable, then it is definitely asparagus. I took green, but with white asparagus the recipe works too.
  • Colorful tomatoes. From the taste you could also take only red, but the combination of yellow, red, deep red-brownish and orange Tömätchen just looks sooooo nice!
  • Feta. The cheese is perfect for gratinating. He does not run aground, but you get a load of crunchy Fetakrümel to each fork oven vegetables.
  • Garlic. Because you know that garlic just makes everything better.
  • Spices. Dried oregano and basil for everrr.

All ingredients together and a bit of oven magic and you will be rewarded with the tastiest, simplest dinner you can imagine.

What is always true with so few ingredients, of course: Quality is a must, And let's be honest, to recognize in the supermarket at first glance is often not so easy. But luckily there are some clues that we can detect really good foods.

There is, of course, the optics. Does the vegetables look pretty fresh and juicy, or is it already limp and dry? In addition, just fruits and vegetables should feel crisp and smell good.

There is as a practical guide to the QS mark, For food with the blue sign (look at the next picture) you can be sure that every single step of the production has been carefully checked and completely documented. That means: quality assurance. From the farmer to the shop counter. And believe me, since my studies, I know that the food production chain is often much longer than we can imagine. Obendruff is the QS certification mark for strict requirements, neutral controls, transparency and shared responsibility towards us, the consumers.

More tips on how to recognize safe food, how to properly handle fresh food and all about the QS testing system can be found in the consumer portal, Have a look past and look for the next check for food with the blue test mark!

I hope you will love this recipe!

Baked potatoes with green asparagus, tomatoes and feta are:

  • Hearty.
  • Spicy.
  • Garlicky.
  • Packed with vegetables.
  • Topped with crispy, golden brown feta.
  • Super handy (only one sheet!).

You tried this recipe? Then let me know! Do not comment, rate or forget your photo on Instagram #kochkarussell to tag. Thank you, dear ones!

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Baked potatoes with green asparagus, tomatoes and feta (just a plate!)

The baked potatoes with green asparagus, tomatoes and feta are super easy, healthy and filling!

portions: 4 portions

Calories per serving: 421 kcal


  • 1
  • 2
    Garlic cloves
  • 400
    green asparagus
  • 400
    colorful tomatoes
  • 2
    Dried oregano
  • 2
    Dried basil
  • 3
    olive oil
  • 150
  • Salt pepper


  1. Cover a baking tray with baking paper and preheat the oven to 220 degrees upper-lower heat.

  2. Wash potatoes, peel as needed and dice to taste. Peel and chop garlic. Wash asparagus, remove dry ends and cut into bite-sized pieces. Wash tomatoes.

  3. Mix the potatoes, garlic, 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 teaspoon of oregano and 1 teaspoon of basil on the baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes.

  4. Add asparagus and tomatoes, season with remaining spices, oil and salt and pepper. Crumble feta on top, then bake for another 20-25 minutes. Season and enjoy as needed.

This promotional post is in cooperation with QS-live, The consumer portal of QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH. Many thanks to QS-live for the delicious cooperation.

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