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Win these delicious advent calendar from Foodist

And Whoosh, we are already in November? How did that happen?

Now it is slowly time to think about the upcoming Christmas season. I love Christmas and especially the Christmas season very. Christmas brings light in this dark Season of the year. I’m happy to do my favorite little Surprises and bring children’s eyes Shine.

Wins the delicious advent calendar from Foodist!

Most of all I like the Christmas – cookie baking, Christmas visit markets, glowing pyramids, everywhere it smells delicious and all the Stealthiness in this time. free to play game.

An integral part of the Christmas season, also an advent calendar. I’ve filled the last years of the calendar for all always. The Uniform calendar from the supermarket with the same old chocolate you will not see us.

We had the last years a large family calendar where everyone alternately allowed a door to open. Last year I got to Mike’s door the contents in Foodist ordered… and I can tell you, there are very delicious things were.

Wins the delicious advent calendar from Foodist!

This is the reason why I ask this year in Foodist, and whether you can provide me an advent calendar to the Raffle for you. And tatata ???? – here he is.

We were allowed to sniff the advent calendar from all sides and marvel at. He is very loving and the small box promises all sorts of delicious contents.

Of course, we have not looked into it, it’s supposed to be a Surprise! But as you can see, the curiosity was can large.

Wins the delicious advent calendar from Foodist!

One of you has now the chance to win this great advent calendar of Foodist to the value of 47€. So can you Wait for Santa to sweeten.????

Wins the delicious advent calendar from Foodist!

Participation Conditions:

❄ Love it. the contest starts immediately and ends on July 13. November to 23: 59.

❄ In a while to participate, please leave under this Post a comment and tell me what you like about the Christmas season.

❄love it. Please do not forget in the comment form with your E-Mail address so I can reach you in case of winning. The E-Mail address is not public, i.e. it is only visible to me.

❄ In a while, if you got me on Facebook and/ or Instagram the following comes a further Los. Writes the then please in your comment so I can count your lot twice or three times.

❄ In a while you can join, if you are at least 18 years old and lives in Germany.

❄ Love it. the winner will be informed among all participants be drawn, and no later than three days after the end of the contest.

❄ In a while, in the case of the profit since you agree that I forward your contact details to Foodist more. The shipping of the calendar is carried out directly from Foodist.

I will keep my fingers crossed for the competition!

A beautiful and delicious holiday season!????????????

Signature Susanne

*This contribution was developed in friendly cooperation with the Foodist.

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