The best tips for Overnight Oats

The best tips and tricks around Overnight Oats -

Overnight Oats are the perfect breakfast when things need to go fast. So that your Overnight Oats guaranteed nothing goes wrong, I'll tell you the most important today Tips and Tricks, I serve my favorite ones Overnight Oats recipes,

Rule of thumb for the production

Generally: One part liquid, one part oatmeal. As a result, the Overnight Oats shine with a wonderfully creamy consistency the next morning. Of course, you can also vary the ratio of liquid and oatmeal to get a more fluid or firm consistency.

How to do it

For the quick breakfast you need only a closable box and a spoon. You mix all ingredients well and then close the can. Now you have to treat the Oats only a few hours in the fridge – the easy and healthy breakfast is ready.

Warm or cold

You can enjoy Overnight Oats cold directly from the fridge. If you prefer a hot breakfast, just add some milk and warm the Oats in the microwave.

It does not always have to be milk

At Overnight Oats, many automatically think of cow's milk. But how about, for example, with almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk or yogurt? Even juice is very well suited, such as the delicious Overnight Oats with orange juice and vanilla to prove.

Do not forget topping

In the toppings the fruit bowl is your best friend. Whether mango, banana or earth – fruits always go. Coconut flakes, cocoa nibs and chia seeds are also the icing on the cake for your quick breakfast.

Produce in stock

Did you know that Overnight Oats can easily stay in the fridge for a few days? You can prepare a large portion as quiet and then enjoy it twice and three times.

After so much information it says now: To the oatmeal, get set, go!

The Best Tips and Tricks About Overnight Oats – Recipes

The Carrot Cake Overnight Oats taste like carrot cake for spooning. Packed with coconut flakes, walnuts, carrot rasps and cinnamon, you'll start your extra-delicious day.

You like spicy Chai Latte? Then you will Chai Latte Overnight Oats with almonds love. Creamy and with a spicy spectacle of cardamom, cloves, anise, ginger and cinnamon – that's how we enjoy it.

With a double portion of coconut from coconut flakes and coconut milk are the Coconut Overnight Oats something for real coconut fans. Gorgeous nutty, refreshing and mixed in two minutes, so that the day can only start well.

The Overnight Oats with pomegranate and chocolate My first attempt was with Overnight Oats and I love her idolatrously. If you like the mix of sparkling pomegranate seeds and thick chocolate pieces, you should not miss these Overnight Oats.

Apple pie for breakfast? Oh yeah! No wonder the Apple Pie Overnight Oats your absolute favorites are. Final recommendation!

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