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Small question hour and fresh ginger mint tea

Do you remember the good old ones? chain letters from childhood? Send only 11 postcards and you get 1000 postcards from all over the world, this promise sounded for Klein-Mia always absolutely terrific! Of course you could not interrupt the chain, otherwise the ultimate misfortune happened. Hach, those were still times …

A bit like chain letters are also the well-known by day, who haunt the blogger world again and again. I have to admit that I'm not a big day-friend. But in the last few weeks I have been awarded the Best-Blog-Award three times – thank you

Curious; excited? Then make yourself comfortable and enjoy a cup of tea. With me today's fresh Ginger and mint tea, you can find the recipe below!

Is there a dish / cake / pastry you can not trust?

Many Indian dishes have incredibly long ingredient lists, as I always think twice and triply, if I do not want to cook something else. I love Indian food. But the first purchase of the spices would probably beat a big hole in the student cash register.

How long do you normally spend shopping?

I always think that I can shop quickly. But once I'm in the store, well, then it can take a while. After all, I also have to find the rotbäckigsten apple, the largest eggplant and the crispest salad. Even with shopping lists can go by for quite a while. But I like to go shopping, so I do not care;)

When baking, I like to wear …

Yes, I admit it, I'm also part of Schlabberklammotten Group. When baking, I basically stain, so it is good, if you are not just the new favorite jeans einsaut. Incidentally, I do not own an apron!

Which topics / recipes can we look forward to next time?

In keeping with the New Year's resolutions, there are definitely a few in the near future lighter Recipes to fight the Christmas pounds. Besides, I have some nice DIY's planned, so you may be curious …

Your favorite ingredient is?

Aubergine! It always works! Preferably in combination with feta. I just noticed that there is no aubergine recipe on the blog. Incredible! I have to change that as fast as possible.

Your last discovered blog?

Which dish – which cake, which food can cheer you up on bad days?

Ohhh that's a good question. Proper Soulfoodgerichte in any case, something like potato gratin or aubergine-chopped pan with feta. And sometimes it just has to be lasagna!

Shrill alarm clock ringing or rather a freshly squeezed orange juice – what do you need for a good start to the day?

Sounds crazy, but it is – I like to get up early. If I get up too late, I get in a bad mood because I feel like I miss too much of the day. In addition a decent coffee and everything is nice!

What should not be missing in your fridge?

Milk for my coffee, that definitely can never go out.

What makes blogging exciting for you?

The diversity: we are authors, photographers, layouters and and and. Of course you can not do everything equally well, but for example in terms of HTML and CSS, I have already learned a lot. In addition, it always motivates to try new dishes and treats, a nice side effect.

It was from me! And now? Now I tag everyone who likes to feel tagged. And everyone else is allowed to sit back and relax and do nothing at all. Nice, is not it?

To Print

Fresh ginger-mint tea

portions: 1 Cup

author: Mia


  • 1 2
    x 2 cm piece of organic ginger
    cut into thin slices
  • 1
    Handful of mint leaves
  • 1
    spoonful of honey to taste


  1. Absolutely easypeasy: Ginger and mint in a large cup, brew with hot water and let draw for about ten minutes. Sweet to taste with honey, ready!

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