Simple Apple Crumble. Fast and damn good

Advertising. Simple Apple Crumble. This 7-ingredient recipe is packed with thick apple pieces and buttery crunchy crumbles. Bonus: Only 10 minutes preparation time. Super practical and damn delicious -


Kinners, autumn is here! From now on we love three things again:

  • Candle. Tons of candles.
  • Cuddly studen on the sofa.
  • Fast, hot treats.

My warm dessert favorite is simple Apple Crumble, This 7-ingredient dessert is absolute soul-good and can be enjoyed on the table in 30 minutes. I'll just say: juicy apple pieces under a buttery-thick crispy streuseldecke. Perfect, if it has to go fast again!

You know that I have a little weakness for the combination of apple and cinnamon. It has no later than the Apple Pie Overnight Oats started (huge love!) and since then it has completely happened to me.

My latest Passion: This Apple Crumble. The recipe is originally from the lovely Rieke von lykkeligI have it at the Küchenchaotin discovered and modified only a tiny bit.

Let's talk about the simple Apple Crumble for a moment. Thick, warm apple cubes cuddle under a blanket of buttery crunchy crumbles. Add a decent pinch of cinnamon and you're done with the quick and easy autumn dessert.

Does not that sound perfect? And this taste! The Apfepstückchen are juicy, not too sweet and the perfect counterpart to the buttery, crispy-sweet Crumblestreuseln. Little tip -> Tried. This. Crumble. You will love him. Great Soulfood word of honor.

And it gets even better! The simple Apple Crumble is the perfect last-minute dessert.

With you spontaneously a few guests have registered for coffee? You want to surprise your loved ones with a delicious dessert? Or you just want to do something good for yourself? This Apple Crumble is the answer! Prepared in a few minutes and SO delicious!

Simple Apple Crumble – how it works:

For the simple Apple Crumble you knead the first sprinkles of butter, flour, sugar and oatmeal. To do this you cut the butter into cubes and knead everything until you have nice sprinkles. Next you peel the apples and cut them into cubes. These distribute it on oven-safe molds and tops the whole thing with your Sprinkles. Put it in the oven and after 20 minutes your Apple Crumble is ready to eat.

By the way. I did not just take simple oatmeal for the Apple Crumble, but decadently had the muesli Snow White & the 7 ears approved by muesli luck. Why? Quite simply – The Crumble Crisp topping gets so seven ears of corn. And very important: A thick scoop of vanilla ice cream must not be missing in any case. Rumor has it, caramel sauce and dulce de leche also go wonderfully well with the buttery-cinnamon crunchy happiness. Of course, I've never tried it. Something decadent. Where else are we going ?! 😉

Simple Apple Crumble is:

  • Fast.
  • Easy.
  • Perfect for the little sweet-hunger in between.
  • Practical, because you always have the ingredients for it in the house.

Finally, I have a tip for all Müsliesser!

Attentive readers know that I'm a big one cereal fortuneI'm a fan. After the No-Bake Berry Pistachio Energy Bites and the Strawberry Crunchy Muesli Frozen Yogurt Bark, the simple Apple Crumble is now the third recipe I was able to conjure in collaboration with Mueslig luck. And I can tell you, these cereals have it all!

The varieties such as princess on the berry and knight of the morning not only all have beautiful names and great ingredients in them, but are also really delicious. And that's the most important thing for us Foodies after all. So dear ones, if you are looking for high-quality mueslis with smart packaging, have a look at Müsl luck.

Snuggle up to this fast 7-ingredient dessert thick, warm apple cubes under a blanket of buttery crunchy crumbles. Perfect as a last minute dessert and just like that.

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Simple Apple Crumble

Simple Apple Crumble. A 7-ingredient recipe packed with thick apple pieces and buttery crunchy crumbles. Only 10 minutes preparation time. Super practical and damn delicious!


Dessert, sweet

portions: 4

Calories per serving: 401 kcal


  • 60
  • 70
  • 80
  • 75
    , in pieces
  • 4
  • A little sugar and cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

  2. From flour, oatmeal, sugar and butter knead the crumbles.

  3. Peel, quarter and core apples. Then cut into bite-sized cubes and mix with a little sugar and cinnamon. Divide into 4 molds and cover with the sprinkles.

  4. Bake for twenty minutes until the crumbles are golden brown.

  5. Enjoy.

* This promotional post is in cooperation with cereal fortune emerged. A big thank you to the Müsliglück team for the delicious cooperation.

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