Quick strawberry jam made with mint itself

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Psssst. Do not tell anyone, but the post has made a mistake.

Well, did you discover him?

I'll tell you. Actually, the strawberry jam with mint no jam, but a jam. According to the jam regulation (yes, there's something like that), only fruit spreads made from citrus fruits may be called jam.

Crazy, right?

Honestly, for me, the good strawberry jam continues to be jam.

With the difference between jam, jam, fruit spread and jelly may like to occupy the EC. In the meantime, I am quietly feeding my delicious farmhouse bread with cottage cheese and fruity strawberry jam with mint.

Did you know that Germany is a 2: 1 strawberry jam country? We love our strawberry jam hot and hearty and there is no jam that is bought more frequently.

At least now you're asking yourself: Where has Mia picked up the information again?

Hah, I can understand. I tell you, with this knowledge you shine with the guaranteed small talk. In any case, when you talk to food-crappy people like me.

Reason for my jam-worthy knowledge is #Meingemachtes Bloggerevent *.

Last month loaded diamond sugar and Leifheit a few magical bloggers and me in the storm-free shack. Over the rooftops of Hamburg was learned, snipped and boiled what the stuff holds.

After a breakfast together, interesting jam know-how and funny PR-pictures of bygone days we were allowed to produce jam ourselves.

Together with the dear Anita von Olles Himmelsglitzerding and Julia from Julietta Seasons was laughed, nibbled and cooked by the way also cherry cola, strawberry blueberry and cherry and ginger jam. What a wonderful day, thank you dear ones!

But I really do not want to torture you anymore. Let's start with the jam tips.

Cooking the best tips and tricks around jam

Gelierzucker is not just Gelierzucker

1: 1, 2: 1 or even 3: 1 – the ratio between gelling sugar and fruits determines how sweet your jam will be. The ingredients also differ. Gelatin sugar 1: 1 jam usually contains no preservatives, unlike the other varieties, as the sugar content provides sufficient preservation.

Measure the amount of fruit exactly

In order to ensure that no errors occur during jam production, you should measure the amount of fruit exactly. Because of this, it weighs the cleaned fruits and not the fruit at the beginning.

Start of cooking time

Do you feel that you never know when cooking will begin? I've always been more or less successful in relying on my feelings when cooking jam. There is a simple tip: The cooking time starts as soon as the jam blunts properly and bubbling can not be stirred away with the wooden spoon.

Keep cooking time

Even if it is difficult at times, the cooking time stops. Much helps a lot with jam cooking for once.

Cook pack by pack

The cooking times indicated on the package are always calculated for each pack. If you cook several packs at once, it may be that the cooking time is changing. That's why it's best if you always make your jam in order.

So, with these tips you are equipped for all jam actions.

So what are you waiting for? It's best to start with the delicious strawberry jam with mint. The 2: 1 gelling sugar makes the jam wonderfully fruity. The mint gives the jam a fresh touch. And she's done in no time. Well, if that is not convincing.

Do you fancy a change from the normal strawberry jam? Then try the delicious strawberry jam with mint. Three ingredients and a few minutes of time – that's all you need for home-made jam luck.

To Print

Strawberry jam with mint

Super tasty and fruity strawberry jam with a hint of fresh mint.

portions: 3 -4 glasses

Calories per serving: 583 kcal


  • 1
    cleaned strawberries
  • 500
    Gelling sugar 2: 1
  • 3
    to 4 styles of mint


  1. Place the strawberries in a large saucepan and puree with the hand blender.

  2. Wash mint, pluck off the style and cut into fine strips.

  3. Add preserving sugar and bring to a boil while stirring.

  4. As soon as the bubbling can no longer be distilled, continue cooking for three minutes.

  5. Add mint at the end of the cooking time.

  6. Carefully pour the jam into hot, jam jar, seal well and place on the lid for 5 minutes.

  7. Then turn it over again and allow to cool completely.

* A big thank you to the agency ad publica, Diamond sugar and Leifheit for the invitation to this great event. You definitely wanted to cook jam!

Now I'm curious, did you know the jam tips already? Did I forget an important trick? And what do you say to strawberry jam with mint?

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