For the orange pomegranate Overnight Oats you only need four ingredients and five minutes time. Crunchy, light and delicious -

Orange pomegranate Overnight Oats from four ingredients

Do you know why I love January? The year is still complete and we have 12 months to put all our dreams and wishes into action. For me and maybe you at the top...

Asian noodle salad with peanut sauce. This quick recipe is super easy and SO good. Perfect for picnics and barbecues! - #noodle salad #asian #recipe #asia #grill #summer recipe #vegan

Asian Pasta Salad with Peanut Sauce (Super Simple!)

You probably have it already at the beginning of the week 11 quick and easy barbecue salad recipes Note: I'm just on a small grill / summer / noodle salad trip. You have to...

Fougasse with dried tomatoes and rosemary

Fougasse with dried tomatoes and rosemary

Ok, imagine the following situation: You spontaneously get guests for dinner. Actually, you have many delicious things in the fridge that you could serve, only the bread is missing. And as it usually is,...

The chocolate hazelnut energy bites are wickedly delicious, without any guilty conscience. Bonus: only 6 ingredients! - Cooking

Simple Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Bites – Cooking Carousel

Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Bites. Juicy and chocolaty. Topped with hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla, maple syrup and dried figs. I just say: Sinfully delicious, without a guilty conscience! Have you ever Energy Bites made? I love...

Homemade roasted walnuts with cinnamon. Super delicious and fast made -

Homemade roasted walnuts with cinnamon

What is better than elves? Gnome with homemade gifts from the kitchen! I think so anyway: With a few home-made treats you are always right on Christmas. That's why I have my dearest Katrin...

Advertising. Avocado Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. OMG, how easy and delicious! You need this fast after-work recipe. - #grilledcheese sandwich #avcado #bacon #recipe #rezept #schnellundeinfach

Avocado Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Advertising. Ok, can we have a quick talk about this sandwich? I mean: Avocado Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich! I do not really have to say that anymore, right? Creamy avocado, crispy fried bacon and...




Super fix Double Chocolate Cookies with walnuts

Super fix Double Chocolate Cookies with walnuts

It was time, right? Finally a recipe for cookies – and then one more thing you can quickly stir together in between times. Quite fast without much effort, but with a huge pleasure factor....

Speculoos Overnight Oats -

Creamy speculoos Overnight Oats – carousel

It is Sunday morning and still dark outside. Actually, I could well stay in bed for a few more hours now. But then you would not get to read this post today. In addition:...

Salad with goat's cheese and caramelized walnuts

Salad with goat's cheese and caramelized walnuts

Do you know that? You go shopping, just need a bit of it and a bit of it for your cooking today and then that: every ingredient you need is not available. The raspberries...