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Orange poppy butter with vanilla - Quick recipes from my kitchen

Yes, I know it has been very quiet in the last few months. There were already first complaints. Ash on my head. Unfortunately, I lost my appetite and I had to go around the kitchen. The reason is very simple and very enjoyable – we are expecting new offspring 🙂 Unfortunately the first few weeks and months of pregnancy did not make me feel like eating or cooking any more. The very thought of it – uhhh … I never thought that I would experience it.

Perfect for the next brunch: orange poppy butter

But now my stomach is back in Ying and Yang and I can share some delicious recipes. Since I like breakfast and brunch totally, there is again a recipe which fits perfectly – an orange-poppy butter.

Oh, that sounds delicious. Combined with a milk roll or other sweet yeast pastries a dream for the palate. The preparation is easy again. The only difficulty is to get the butter out of the fridge in time to be nice and soft for processing.

Orange poppy butter with vanilla

The orange poppy butter with vanilla is a delicious addition to the next Sunday breakfast with friends. Also as a souvenir makes this butter a good figure.


  • 3 tablespoons poppy
  • 150 g of soft butter
  • ½ tsp grated peel of a organic orange
  • 2 tablespoons cane sugar
  • 1 Msp. Vanilla powder


  1. First, the poppy seeds are ground in a lightning chopper and roasted in a pan without fat, until it smells delicious. (Hint: If you do not have a lightning hacker handy, take the poppy as it is and roast it in the pan.)
  2. Let the poppy cool for a moment and then mix it with the butter. Add the grated orange peel, the sugar and the vanilla powder and stir the ingredients with the Whisk the hand mixer to a creamy mass.


In the fridge, the butter then holds at least a week.

Good luck wishes

Signature Susanne

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