Homemade almond flour – quick recipes from my kitchen

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Homemade almond flour - quick recipes from my kitchen

I recently showed you how to Cashewnussmus do it yourself. Today we are dealing with the almond musk. Mandelmus has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially vegetarians and vegans use this nutmeg very diversely in their diet – purely as a spread, as an addition to a shake or to refine sauces.

Homemade almond flour is so easy!

Almonds have unsaturated fatty acids, minerals such as magnesium and copper copper, as well as vitamins B and E. They protect against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol. So this power nut is good for our body and tastes delicious.

Of course, Mandelmus is also ready to be bought in the shop. For me personally, the amount offered in the glasses is too much. In addition, such a glass costs between 6 € and 8,50 € – not cheap.

Homemade almond must have the advantage that you can decide for yourself how much you want to make mus, you know what's in it and you can even add flavor to it. How about some vanilla or a pinch of salt? For light almond purée, use roasted, peeled almonds. Dark almond puree is made from roasted, unpeeled almonds.

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Homemade almond cream

Mandelmus-just homemade

Mandelmus-just homemade.

  • Author: Susanne
  • Preparation: 15 minutes
  • Total time: 15 minutes
  • servings: 6 1x
  • Category: spread
  • Method: stirring together
  • Cuisine: vegan


  • 200 g organic almonds
  • if necessary, some water


  1. Put the nuts in the crusher and start to mix. First, a crumbly size, which turns into a creamy measure by long pureeing. Add 2 tablespoons of water and mix. The entire blending certainly takes around 10-15 minutes. Take care, however, that your shredder does not get too hot – just make a break in between, so that the engine does not break.
  2. Almond must be ready if you get a slightly liquid consistency.

In an airtight tin, the almond paste in the refrigerator keeps a few weeks.

Good succeed!

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