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Fast Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl made of four ingredients. Healthy, filling and super easy -

You know that me Green smoothies love. There is only a tiny problem. The green powerhouses are the perfect snack, but as the main meal? Oh no! Things are quite different with Green Smoothie Bowls. The Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl is a smoothie for spooning and extra creamy. 4 ingredients and a few toppings, that's all you need for a healthy breakfast.

What are Green Smoothie Bowls?

Have you ever heard of Green Smoothie Bowls? No? But then it will be the highest railway! Green Smoothie Bowls allow you to enjoy your Green Smoothie with a spoon instead of the usual glass. Little chat from the sewing box: I'm simply not satisfied when I drink “just” a glass of smoothie for breakfast.

You know exactly what I mean? Then you will love Green Smoothie Bowls. The Green Smoothie is so thick and creamy that it makes it wonderful to spoon. On top of that you can treat yourself to many Green Smoothie Bowls delicious toppings. Just imagine the Green Smoothie as healthy basis for your normal cereal.

The Smoothie Bowl topping is spoiled for choice

The great thing about Green Smoothie Bowls is that there are no limits to your taste. How about, for example, a few berries, nuts or popped Amaranth as a topping?

Even superfoods like Chia seeds*, Acai berries, cocoa nibs * and Hemp seeds * Perfect as a topping and give your Green Smoothie Bowl a healthy kick. A little fruit, that's the super breakfast.

Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl – That's how it works

For the Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl you need two bananas, frozen mango, two handfuls of spinach and half a kiwi.

If you're a lucky mixer owner, just give all the ingredients in the blender and let the friendly helper do his job.

Even with the blender you can conjure up the Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl. Smooth bananas and spinach first, then add the kiwi and the slightly thawed mango pieces and purée until the green smoothie is creamy. On top of it you distribute a few toppings, the green luck is done.

With the Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl starts her full of power in the day. The smoothie for spooning is creamy, filling and packed with fruits and vegetables. Banana, mango, spinach and kiwi provide you with an extra dose of vitamins for breakfast. In addition a few tasty toppings, the power breakfast is ready!

To Print

Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

portions: 1 bowl

Calories per serving: 278 kcal


  • 2
    Bananas in pieces and frozen for at least 30 minutes
  • 2
    big handful of spinach
  • 150
  • 1.2
  • Toppings of your choice
    for example, kiwi slices, cocoa nibs and grated coconut


  1. Puree bananas and spinach with the blender or hand mixer.

  2. Allow the mango to thaw for a short time, then add together with the kiwi and puree until the consistency is creamy.

  3. Put everything in a large bowl and sprinkle with the toppings.

The Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl made of four ingredients is done in no time. The green powerhouse is packed with banana, mango, spinach and kiwi. You must try this fast, healthy and uncomplicated breakfast or light lunch.

Have you ever tried Green Smoothie Bowls? Do you like greens in the smoothie or should it just be a fruit for you? And which toppings would you choose?


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