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Advertising. Frozen chocolate bananas from three ingredients. Creamy, chocolaty and really delicious - try this 3-ingredient recipe -


It could be because I have a small chocolate shortage during the summer. But these frozen chocolate bananas from three ingredients, Feed me the rest of the summer and I am very, very happy!

We are talking about:

  • Creamy-sweet frozen banana
  • A dark chocolate layer
  • Crunchy Mikado sticks as a stalk

You can not resist that, right?

My Monsieur Kochkarussell always smiles a bit when I put a portion of bananas in the freezer again.

But honestly, what could be better than ice-cold bananas under a crispy chocolate shell? How about the hype, just perfectly summery, better for your wallet and fast made? Just.

And then also the chocolaty-crispy mikado-Stalk. You can eat it and it gives your chocolate bananas a crisp surprise effect.

And yes. I admit it. At my physics introductory lesson a few years ago, maybe I was a little bit lucky, which was pretty good. Physically checked that a Mikado as a stem for the chocolate-coated banana is a little bit small, but I still have not. For that you are of course smarter and help you a) with a few sticks more per banana or cheating b) just a wooden handle behind it.

Problem solved, physics defeated! But deserved grade, wa;)

So friends. If you are looking for a quick refreshment for hot summer days, you must try these chocolate bananas.

Best of all, you only need this quick recipe three things, Banana, chocolate and Mikado sticks – that's it. It is particularly delicious when you roll the chocolate bananas in the end in Toppings. This time I opted for coconut chips, colorful sprinkles and my absolute favorite chopped almonds.

But your imagination knows no bounds. How about, for example, chopped pistachios, dried berries or CHOCOLATE RULES? OK. Now it is decadent and three times schkoladig. Chocolate coat, Mikado and sprinkles – does not that sound wonderful ?!

Frozen chocolate bananas made from three ingredients are:

  • Refreshing.
  • Chocolaty-sweet.
  • Creamy.
  • Crisp.
  • A quick summer dessert made with three ingredients.

Refreshing, crisp and fast – the frozen chocolate bananas from three ingredients you must try!

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Frozen chocolate bananas on a stick of three ingredients

portions: 6

Calories per serving: 184 kcal

author: Mia


  • 3
    ripe bananas
  • Mikado sticks
  • 150
    dark couverture
  • Toppings of your choice
    eg chopped almonds, coconut chips and colorful sprinkles


  1. Peel bananas, cut in half and stick them into each banana Mikado sticks. If necessary, break off a bit if the bananas are too short. Spread on a board and freeze for at least three hours.

  2. Melting chocolate over the water bath. Put toppings on small plates so that the chocolate bananas can be rolled in them.

  3. Cover the bananas with chocolate first, then roll in the topping. Put on a plate and repeat with the other bananas.

  4. Enjoy immediately or until then in the freezer.

* This promotional post is in cooperation with mikado #stickoutyourpersonality originated. A big thank you to the mikadoTeam for the delicious cooperation.

So my dears, who can I push a frozen chocolate banana over? The weather is pretty good today, is not it?

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