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Quick Peach Cups with Milk Cuts®. Wonderfully fluffy and fast made -


I have a split relationship with desserts. On the one hand, I love sinful dessert. There is only a tiny problem.

As soon as gelatin comes into play, I'm out. Ever since I hit a dessert with the devil's stuff colossally, I have been cured.

That's why there are basically super simple desserts made from a few ingredients at Kochkarussell. The best example is the Peach Cups with Milk Cuts®which I was allowed to conjure in cooperation with Milch-Schnitte®.

Not revealed, but my little gelatin accident was really the worst case scenario.

Imagine a Mia with a red head in the kitchen. It is Christmas Eve. The Christmas menu is almost ready, only the speculum cream is still missing. So I chop speculoos with a rolling pin, beat cream and dissolve gelatin in water.

Hungry and full of anticipation (after all, this is the Christmas menu), I mix the ingredients.

You can imagine what happened then, right? The cream was full of gelatin chunks. Damn!

Every year since this day we have speculoos parfait (without gelatine) with spice oranges (without gelatine). Super delicious and without risk. After all, it does not have to be years again.

Anyway, I've always been looking for quick, easy and guaranteed gelatineless dessert recipes.

Meanwhile, I have one or the other treat in the repertoire. How about, for example creamy chocolate pudding from three ingredients or Chia-chocolate pudding? After all, chocolate always works.

If you like it fruity, I can recommend you the quick peach cups with milk slices® with milk cuts. You need some convincing arguments? Why, surely!

The fast peach cups with milk slices® are:

  • Creamy.
  • Ready in no time.
  • Not too cute.
  • A quick dessert of six ingredients.

When I cut out the Circles from Milch-Schnitte®, I automatically had to think about advertising with the Klitschkos.

Do you still know that? I'm just saying “And lots and lots of sour cream!” Just below us: I can still join in the conversation. For all the curious here link,

Peach Cups with Milk Cuts® – That's how it works

For the peach cups you cut out two circles from each milk slice. This stacked her alternately with the fruity cream of yogurt, mascarpone and peach in small dessert jars.

As a topping, there are a few small triangles from Milch-Schnitte®, ready is the fast dessert!

Fruity, creamy and not too sweet – the fast peach cups with milk slices® are a great dessert for dessert lovers. For the delicious cups, you only need a handful of ingredients, 25 minutes and fortunately no gelatine.

To Print

Quick Peach Cups with Milk Cuts®

portions: 4

Calories per serving: 275 kcal

author: Mia


  • 4
    Milk Schnitte®
  • 2
    peach halves
  • 1.2
    lime juice
  • 1.2
    Brown sugar
  • 50
  • 100
  • Furthermore:
  • dessert glasses
    about 4 cm Ø


  1. Cut pieces of milk slices in 2 circles (Ø 4 cm). Remaining pieces of milk slices® in small triangular slices. Dice peaches very finely and mix with lime juice and sugar.

  2. Stir in yoghurt and mascarpone and fold in peach pieces. Spread a third of the peach cream on the dessert jars.

  3. Place one circle of the milk slices® in each jar and add another third of the cream. Put the remaining circles of milk slices® on top, fill in the remaining cream, garnish with triangles and serve.

* This advertising post was created in cooperation with Milch-Schnitte®. A big thank you to the Milch-Schnitte® team for the delicious cooperation.

By the way: you will find even more great recipes with milk slices® Baking with milk cuts,

What do you say to the deliciously fluffy peach cups with milk slices®? And did you ever have a little gelatin disaster?

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