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Cottage cheese with rhubarb compote. 4 ingredients and perfect as a light breakfast or snack -

Rhubarb for breakfast? Oh yeah! The cottage cheese with rhubarb compote is wonderfully light and filling. On top of that you need only four ingredients and 15 minutes for the rhubarb happiness.

Do you like rhubarb too? I think the fruity acidity of the green-red bars is just the blast. No wonder, that Almost last year, I almost signed up for the self-help group “Crazy for rhubarb”.

But honestly. Rhubarb tart with cinnamon and crunchy crumbles . Coconut yoghurt with rhubarb compote and cute Rhubarb Marzipan Mini Gugls you can not resist, right? Just!

And because rhubarb is a good idea anytime of the day, today I brought you the cottage cheese with rhubarb compote. The large bowl of rhubarb happiness is perfect as a breakfast or light snack.

I prepare the delicious sticks the night before. So the rhubarb has all night time to develop its wonderful aroma and you only have to wait a few minutes for the compote in the morning.

Did you know that you should always eat rhubarb in combination with dairy products? The ingredients of the milk bind the oxalic acid and make the delicious bars more digestible. One more reason to enjoy the rhubarb compote with cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese with rhubarb compote – That's how it works

For the compote you clean the rhubarb and cut it into small pieces. These may then be pulled through with a little sugar and vanilla sugar. This gives the rhubarb water and your compote is wonderfully aromatic. After ten minutes of simmering the rhubarb compote is ready.

Creamy cottage cheese and fruity-sour rhubarb make the cottage cheese with rhubarb compote the perfect breakfast or light snack.

To Print

Cottage cheese with rhubarb compote

portions: 1 portion

Calories per serving: 442 kcal


  • 250
  • 35
  • 1.2
    packages of Vanilla sugar
  • 250
    cottage cheese


  1. For the rhubarb compote, wash rhubarb, peel off and cut off dry spots.

  2. Cut the rhubarb into 2 cm pieces and place in a saucepan. Add sugar and vanilla sugar. Leave for at least an hour to allow the sugar to draw water from the rhubarb.

  3. Simmer the rhubarb pieces over medium heat for about 5 to 10 minutes. Keep stirring. Once the pieces disintegrate, stir well and remove from heat.

  4. Put cottage cheese in a small bowl and serve with the rhubarb compote.

Recipe Comments

If the compote hunger is too big, you can just let rhubarb and sugar soak for a few minutes. Then the cooking time is slightly longer, but you do not have to wait an hour.

Where are the rhubarb fans? Are you so happy that the season has finally begun?

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