Cucumber soup – quick recipes from my kitchen

Cucumber soup - quick recipes from my kitchen

It's warm – no, it's hot and it's been weeks now. With every movement you sweat and there are hardly any cool places left. Because we barely endure it at home, we went to Ikea on desperation weekend. It was wonderfully cool and we were able to fortify ourselves with Swedish food. For us, the kitchen is currently cold. At lunchtime I only have salad and in the evening bread. In the long run and as pregnant as I am, not so tingling.

When then announced for last night visit, I had to think about something. I've been puzzling for a long time what I could do if I do not need to use the stove and the oven. Then, luckily, it occurred to me again. In our home there was always a delicious and refreshing yoghurt-cucumber-soup in the summer weddings.

Yogurt and cucumber soup - the perfect recipe for hot summer days

The recipe for this soup comes from my grandparents. They traveled to Cuba by ship in 1979 and it was on this trip that delicious soup was served.

The soup is stirred together very quickly and wonderfully refreshing at these temperatures. The perfect I-kill-the-hot-temperatures-soup.

Yogurt and cucumber soup

The yogurt and cucumber soup is a delicious fresh summer soup for hot days …


  • 500 g of natural yoghurt (3.5%)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tbsp rapeseed or sunflower oil
  • 25 g of frosted dill (or 1 bunch of fresh dill)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • maybe a pinch of sugar
  • maybe some milk


  1. The natural yoghurt is stirred in a large bowl with 1 tbsp. Rapeseed oil, a little salt and pepper. If the yoghurt is very thick, then add some milk. The whole thing should be a soup in the end. Sometimes the yoghurt is also a bit sour, in which case just add a pinch of sugar,
  2. Cut the cucumber into small cubes with a bowl.
  3. Stir the cucumber pieces and the dill under the yoghurt and chill for at least 1 hour.
  4. Season again before serving and season if necessary.


Good succeed!

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