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Chai chocolate crosses from three ingredients. Fast, easy and wonderful Christmas -

To the food bloggers out there: How the hell do you shoot your pictures right now? These lighting conditions still drive me crazy!

Can you imagine me for the pictures of the Chai Chocolate Crossies needed three whole attempts? Awful!

But those chocolate crossies … Mhhmm. I'll tell you. You need this recipe.

Super fast AND only three ingredients. It could not be better!

You have to adjust my shootings like this:

I'm standing on the windowsill in an orthopedic rather questionable pose. Aim of the whole action: pictures that are bright AND sharp.

What do the neighbors think when the aunt from across again turns on the windowsill? Good question!

Now that I think about it so much, I think I look pretty funny.

So here's a big hello to all the neighbors. Do not be surprised, the foodies are sometimes a bit weird!

Maybe I can just invite my neighbors to some chai chocolate crossies? By then they would certainly understand me.

I mean, the most delicious Christmas biscuits three ingredients We all love each other.

It is like that. The Chai-Schoko-Crossies are chocolate crispy with Christmas spice.

For the quick biscuits you only need three ingredients and 15 minutes time. And the production is very easy! chocolate Melt, mix with the Chaipulver and fold in cornflakes. Already your chocolate crossies are almost done.

Let the merits of Chai Choco Crossies melt once more on your tongue.

The Chai Chocolate Crossies are:

  • A Christmas treat made of three ingredients.
  • Ready in no time.
  • Chocolaty.
  • Crispy.
  • Absolutely addictive.

The Chai Chocolate Crossies are perfect for those who are looking for quick and easy biscuits. Three ingredients and 15 minutes time – that's how easy the Christmas bakery can be.

To Print

Chai chocolate crosses from three ingredients


  • 150
    dark chocolate
  • 100
    whole milk chocolate coating
  • 3
  • 150


  1. Break the couverture into pieces and melt over the water bath. The water must not boil, so that the chocolate does not get too hot.

  2. Add the chai powder in the melted chocolate and stir well.

  3. Carefully lift cornflakes under the chocolate. Mix until all cornflakes are covered with chocolate.

  4. Cover a baking tray with baking paper. Distribute the chocolate cornflakes on top. Smooth out.

  5. Let chocolate solidify. Break into pieces and enjoy.

  6. Keep chai chocolate crossies in an airtight container.

You want Christmas bakery in fast, easy and delicious? Then you have to try the chai chocolate crossies!

PS: Do you still want more quick biscuit recipes? How about juicy chocolate macaroons with dark chocolate core, simple stamp biscuits or spicy Oatmeal biscuits with ginger!

Where are the chocolate crossie fans? And what do you say about the Chai variant?

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