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5-Minute Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt. Gorgeous creamy, 2 ingredients and no ice cream maker. So delicious, you have to try it -

I am often asked if we food bloggers sometimes something goes wrong. But hello!

Best example is the 5-Minute Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt,

In the last two days, I've lost three huge portions of the creamy delicacy. And with the greatest pleasure. But a little bit also related to that I needed three tries for the perfect photo.

Yes, I photographed the same ice three times in two days. But you will see, visually there were quite a few differences.

And I did not even want to serve you frozen yogurt today.

You follow the cooking carousel at Instagram? Then you know that the day before yesterday I baked a delicious blueberry Pull Apart Bread. Nagut, actually rather charred.

I have to say:

Our oven is a bitch and Tuesday was just not my day. Good, I could have known. When the morning starts with kicking his big glass of coffee over the table, chaos is almost inevitable.

Of course, Madame Optimist did not let herself be fooled and happily stoked the Pull Apart Bread. Damn!

I think: All right, just make the beloved 5-minute blueberry frozen yoghurt. You wanted to post that long anyway and blueberries are finally there.

So I jump to the supermarket around the corner and buy three packs of fresh blueberries. Quickly wash and then off with it in the freezer.

The end of the song? I could not wait long enough to make blueberry soup. And photographed. Do you want to see?

Is better, would?

That's why I made the Blueberry Frozen Yogurt once again in the evening. After all, it can not be that I can not even get easypeasy Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt. So again to the supermarket, this time not quite so hopping.

I'll cut it short: The 5-minute blueberry frozen yoghurt was perfect. But light to photograph at 22 o'clock? Wrong!

So, after all this hard work, I rewarded myself once again with a large portion of Frozen Yoghurt yesterday and photographed the sweetheart for you. Phew!

I love homemade frozen yoghurt.

The little brother of our beloved cream ice cream is done in 5 minutes and you only need two ingredients for it. Blueberries and yoghurt. It really could not be easier, my dears.

The best: You do not need an ice cream maker.

Just use a blender or blender to make delicious and creamy ice cream from blueberries and yogurt in no time at all.

You can spoon the frozen yogurt directly from the blender while enjoying every single spoon of the summer delicacy.

This 5-minute blueberry frozen yoghurt is deliciously creamy with a sweet, sweet blueberry taste. For the best consistency treat yourself to the ice cream with full-fat yoghurt.

To Print

5-Minute Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

portions: 2

Calories per serving: 133 kcal


  • 300
  • 150
    at least 3.5% fat
  • Sweetener and meringue to taste


  1. Puree frozen blueberries and yoghurt in a blender or with some stamina and a hand blender.

  2. Fill in two bowls, lean back and enjoy.

Recipe Comments

If you want to sweeten the 5-minute blueberry Frozen Yogurt, honey is perfect. Just add the honey to yogurt and blueberries in the blender.

Even though I've certainly had enough Frozen Yoghurt for the past few days, I can! The next time you're looking for a quick frozen yogurt recipe, you should try this treat.

PS: Need more frozen yoghurt? How about delicious Strawberry Frozen yogurt?

What has gone wrong in the kitchen recently? And who can I send a bowl of 5-minute blueberry frozen yoghurt?

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