11 quick and easy pre-Christmas recipes

11 quick and easy pre-Christmas recipes. Recipe ideas for the Christmas season! - Kochkarussell.com #Christmas Recipes #Christmas #Quick and Easy

Pre-Christmas time is Schlemmerzeit! We invite our loved ones, eat together and enjoy the cozy pre-Christmas. The question is often: What should we cook? Of course it should be really nice hearty and pre-Christmas. But a lot of effort, where we already have so much to do at Christmas time anyway? No thanks!

Friends, I have something for you. Whether spicy savoy cabbage with bacon and cream, hearty leek-Schupfnudel pan or baked potatoes with Brussels sprouts, pumpkin and feta – this 11 quick and easy pre-Christmas recipes are super easy, pre-Christmas and always arrive well.

So, let it taste you and let's go!

My favorites for:

  • A pre-Christmas dinner with friends: Pointed cabbage mince casserole with potatoes
  • A big helping of Soulfood: Pasta with mushroom cream sauce and fennel
  • Hearty soul food like from grandma: Spicy savoy cabbage with bacon and cream
  • Cold days when we feel like soup Lasagna Soup or Golden coconut lentil soup
  • Vegan Christmas delicacies: Hearty leeks Schupfnudel pan
  • Fast, cuddly dinner after the Christmas shopping: One Pot Mac and Cheese

You tried these recipes? Then let me know! Do not comment, rate or forget your photo on Instagram #kochkarussell to tag. Thank you, dear ones!

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