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10 Last Minute Ideas for the Easter Brunch - Kochkarussell.com

Hups. Tomorrow is Easter and I have not prepared anything for the big Easter brunch. You are the same? No panic! With the 10 last minute ideas for the Easter brunch, you can really pamper your loved ones. All ready in no time, successful and made from a handful of ingredients. This is how Easter can come.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

How about your loved ones at Easter with the delicious Carrot Cake Overnight Oats surprised? The oats are packed with carrots, nuts, coconut and cinnamon and can be prepared perfectly.

Coconut yoghurt with passion fruit and crunchy crunch

To look fruity, tangy and wonderfully beautiful: the Coconut yoghurt with passion fruit and crunchy crunch is ready in 5 minutes. Creamy coconut yoghurt, exotic fruit and your favorite crunchy muesli, ready is the quick snack.

Chocolate crispy muesli with coconut flakes

I think, with a nice brunch a portion of homemade muesli may not be missing. That's why I have my girls at the last girlfriend brunch Chocolate crispy muesli with coconut flakes served. Since then, the recipe among the girls is much sought after and was often conjured, modified and enjoyed.

Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

If you also want to enjoy healthy and delicious breakfast happiness at Easter, that is Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl the right thing for you. A smoothie to spoon, extra creamy and only four ingredients. Perfect!

Homemade Nutella

Surprise your sweetheart for Easter with a big glass Homemade Nutella, Packed with good ingredients and irresistibly delicious, you can not miss this delicious nut nougat dream.

5-minute healthy banana split

Thick peanut sweetened banana, liquid honey and creamy yogurt make it healthy banana split for easy enjoyment. A few raspberries and nuts on top, the healthy snack is ready.

Carrot cake Mini Gugls

Of course, cake and co. Should not be neglected in a nice brunch. The juicy ones Carrot cake Mini Gugls are small and with a haps in the mouth. Made in no time and nibbled much faster, we love the sweet Gugls.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Inside the Double Chocolate Banana Breads hides a double dose of chocolate. How good that the dough for this dream of chocolate and banana is mixed in 10 minutes.

Puff pastry cloud with Géramont

The airy Puff pastry cloud with Géramont and cranberry chutney are the hearty highlight of your Easter brunch. Fast, easy and really impressive, you will enchant your guests with melted cheese, spicy chutney and a dough that crumbles deliciously when biting.

Parmesan Rosemary Buns

Soft, fluffy dough and a crunchy Parmesan crust, the Parmesan Rosemary Buns are made quickly and even faster plastered.

My dears, I wish you a wonderful Easter with a lot of delicious food and a great time with your family.

What last minute idea is your favorite?

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